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The production of lollipops and candies requires a skill that we improve every day. We follow market trends and use the highest quality raw materials and natural colors and flavors. We are proud of our knowledge and wide range of products. In addition, we make personalized lollipops for our business clients and private users in EU and around the world.


Lollipops and candies have been the main products of the Fantasia family business since 2008. Although lollipops and candies have always been part of the assortment of crafts, with the passionate zeal of Mr. Željko Blaženić to speed up production, modernize and place products on store shelves, Fantasia lollipops today are becoming the leading brand for lollipops in Croatia and a recognizable and recognized brand in European countries.

For the production of high quality confectionery products, with strict adherence to quality standards, is responsible for Ms. Štefica Blaženić who does not leave the plant, although her daughter Matea mastered all the processes of production and production in a very short time. Along with sister Nicole and brother Simon with a team of trained and skilled employees, the production places lollipops and candies on new markets every day.

The production of lollipops is based on manual work, we do not use harmful chemicals to whiten the sugar mass, but we use an extraction method that gives the lollipops a traditional texture, we use natural dyes to color the patterns. The manufacturing process, hygiene, and employee skills, ensure that Fantasia lollipops are your best choice. Fantasia lollipops are produced in an air-conditioned plant and special attention is paid to the quality and control of the product.

Handmade high-tech lollipops are ready for further markets. Our production capacities are large and we are constantly looking for new markets. We achieve this by appearing at foreign fairs. We are constantly improving production and improving our products. We are also working on expanding the range and launching a new product every year.

Fantasia lollipops & candy cane:

  • Candy cane

  • Lollipop zvrk

  • Lollipop rog

  • Candy cane

  • Lollipop coflek

  • Lollipop cool

  • Lollipop rog

  • Lollipop tornado

  • Lollipop Valentino

  • Candi cane

  • Lollipop mix

  • Lollipop coflek

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